Casa S2

Location: Quito, Ecuador 0° 11’ 16” S – 78° 26’ 9” W

Site dimension: 1015, 3 m2

Year of construction: Under construction

The project sits at 2.400 meters of altitude, in the outskirts of Quito overlooking the Valley of Cumbaya and the Eastern Andes. A positive inclined terrain and a pleasant view are two of the main design variables of the project. Conceptually, we decided to propose a contemporary version of the Ecuadorian courtyard house.

Flexibility and adaptability became two important aspects in our design. Due to weather and the client’s need we propose a dynamic use of the social spaces that can adapt to different and fast changing weather conditions of the area and to a variety of social and family gatherings.

In a region not used to artificial climate control, we decided to include as an important architectural element of the proposal, a louvered system of windows along the courtyard. This allows the users to control the thermal comfort inside the house, as well as to add a dynamic privacy barrier.

Two single-story structures separate the social and family areas of the house. Each story sits at the natural level of the terrain, linked by a double-height circulation volume. The social spaces of the house, kitchen and outdoor pool are located in the lower level of the house. The family bedrooms are located at a higher level with a direct access to the green outdoor spaces. The internal courtyard of the house meets the upper level with a system of terraced gardens, adding a unique perspective to the living room and dining room area.