Universidad Amazónica IKIAM – Tena, Ecuador 0° 59′ 11″ S  –  77° 44′ 45″ W

Latitude-Longitude Architecture and a multidisciplinary team of professionals were selected for the second phase of the design competition for a new campus for the University IKIAM in the Amazon region of Ecuador. The second phase was launched in October 16th, 2013 and the design projects were due on November 23rd, 2013. With only 38 days to design a new campus we faced a demanding challenge for this unique project which will have a great impact in the region. We are very pleased to share our design proposal and the boards submitted for the competition. The results were announced on November 28th, 2013 where 3 teams were chosen for the final stage.

We want to thank our team members for all the great work: Luis Bustamante, Drew Shula, María Del Mar Iturralde, Montserrat Creamer, Jennifer Gil Paz, Jaime Báez, Fabián Núñez and Diego Páez.

Faculty apartments




Academic buildings




Final Boards (click to enlarge)

Lamina 1

Lamina 2

Lamina 3Lamina 4Lamina 5Lamina 6Lamina 7Lamina 8

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